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I’m Tired of Stress Knots

Today’s modern lifestyle is more demanding physically and emotionally than ever before. We no longer get enough rest in our day; we work long hours and have numerous responsibilities which can stress us out. During a recent survey women in the UK were ranked 10th in the world for being the most stressed. The study showed that 55% of UK women reported feeling stressed in their lives.

Is it any wonder that we are ranked so highly in the list? We face stress in the workplace, stress in the marriage, stress in the home as well as financial stresses. In the USA many companies are now introducing relaxation breaks into company policy to help reduce stress in the workplace.

Small amounts of stress can actually be beneficial to the body; it increases our alertness, helps us meet challenges and even sharpens our awareness. However if subject to too much stress we can start to feel negative effects both physically and mentally. One of the most common signs of stress are muscle knots, often felt in the neck or shoulder area.

Muscle knots are a triggered reaction to when a muscle never relaxes. The muscle is constantly in a state where it appears to always be in use. The constant use of a muscle can lead to spasms which in turn cause the muscle to knot. If you’re feeling irritable and snappy, with knots in your shoulders and tension stiffening your neck, bump up your magnesium and lose those stress bumps. A little easily digested magnesium, preferably in liquid form could make all the difference to your nerves and neck: unlock the knots and survive the stress.

Magnesium is available in healthy foods such as wholegrain, dried fruit, green leafy vegetables and nuts, but when life is most tense and frazzling it is easy to miss out on these foods and the magnificent magnesium they contain.

Floradix Magnesium provides 250mg of magnesium in a pleasant tasting liquid form. Taken just once a day, Floradix Magnesium is a convenient way to maintain your magnesium levels.

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