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Tired and stressed out?

Today many people recognise the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet – one that satisfies the body’s need for energy, repair and growth. However, they may be less aware of the vital role that minerals such as magnesium, play in metabolism. To perform all our daily activities and survive the stresses and strains of modern living requires optimum nutrition and a healthy mental outlook. Magnesium, popularly referred to as the “anti-stress” mineral, helps us to achieve both of these aims.

It is surprising just how easily magnesium stores can become depleted. Excessive exercise, profuse perspiration, frequent use of a sauna, a diet with a high protein and fat content, alcohol and stress can all take their toll on magnesium reserves.

The symptoms of a magnesium deficiency manifest themselves in concentration difficulties, irritability, nervous muscle twitch, muscle tremor, cramps in the leg and arm muscles and tension in the back and neck. Within the scope of the nervous system, the following symptoms can be observed: numbness, ear and head pressure, weakened concentration and memory, inner restlessness and anxiety.

Dietary sources of magnesium include: meat, fish, cereals, fruit and vegetables, milk, nuts and pulses. For anyone with an increased magnesium requirement that cannot be satisfied by diet alone, a natural liquid magnesium supplement such as Floradix Liquid Magnesium could be the answer. This dietary supplement has been carefully formulated to meet the body’s need for magnesium.

Floradix Magnesium Liquid formulation is pleasant tasting and more directly absorbed than other forms of administration. A single daily dose is all that is required. It is free from alcohol, animal derivatives, synthetic additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings and is suitable for vegetarians. Available in independent health food stores.

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